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Boschmann Car Audio NZ
PO Box 76059, Northwood
Christchurch 8548
New Zealand

Mobile: 021 467 229

Boschmann Car Audio NZ - Testimonials

"My new Boschmann tweeters have been easy to install and great in my Toyota Corolla sedan. Cheers!"

John, Christchurch

Elevate your car stereo experience in New Zealand with Boschmann car audio tweeters. Crafted with precision, they deliver crystal-clear sound reproduction, enriching every drive. Engineered for optimal dispersion and accuracy, Boschmann tweeters ensure exceptional clarity and detail in your music, capturing even the subtlest nuances. Choose from dome and horn tweeter models to suit your preferences, whether you crave smooth refinement or dynamic punch. With easy installation and durability, Boschmann tweeters complement any car audio setup, enhancing your listening pleasure. Experience lifelike precision and immersive soundstage, feeling every instrument and vocal with Boschmann's expertise. Whether you're in Auckland, Wellington, or elsewhere in NZ, Boschmann tweeters redefine high-frequency performance, ensuring unparalleled quality and enjoyment on the road.

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Boschmann 1" 200 Watt Chrome Car Audio Tweeters Pair

ALT7 - Elevate Your Sound: Boschmann 1inch 200 Watt Chrome Car Stereo Tweeters Pair for Premium Highs

The Boschmann ALT7 Car Audio tweeters are the perfect addition for New Zealand car enthusiasts with a boy racer flair. Engineered for adrenaline-fueled drives, these tweeters deliver piercing highs and crisp clarity, amplifying every beat of your favorite tracks. Designed to match the energy of NZ's...



Boschmann 1" 100 Watt Car Audio Dome Tweeters Pair

MM2 - Immerse Yourself in Clear Sound: Boschmann 1inch 100 Watt Car Stereo Dome Tweeters Pair

The Boschmann MM2 1" 100 Watt Car Audio Dome Tweeters are tailor-made for the adrenaline-charged drives of New Zealand car enthusiasts, particularly those with a boy racer spirit. Designed to deliver crisp highs and immersive sound, these tweeters add a dynamic edge to your driving experience....