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Boschmann Car Audio NZ
PO Box 76059, Northwood
Christchurch 8548
New Zealand

Mobile: 021 467 229

Boschmann Car Audio NZ - Testimonials

"My new Boschmann tweeters have been easy to install and great in my Toyota Corolla sedan. Cheers!"

John, Christchurch

About Boschmann NZ Ltd.

Boschmann NZ Ltd is the New Zealand distributor for BM Audio Labs, providing New Zealand resellers with genuine Boschmann car stereo products at great prices.
All Boschmann products are built extremely well, with a range which caters for all tastes and preferences. With extremely high powered speakers, such as the 1000W (yes, that's 1000W per speaker!) 6x9 inch Boschmann ALX-993 carrying huge magnets its easy to see that the Boschmann range has performance in mind! On the other end of the spectrum, we carry great low cost replacement speakers including the sought after 6x4" and 5x7" sizing's. Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, Boschmann has the speaker for you.

Established in 2010, Boschmann NZ is a market leading distributor of Boschmann Car Audio, Accessories and retail products in New Zealand.Our staff have been involved in selling Boschmann speakers since 2004 and have vast knowledge of the brand, its range and the exceptional quality it offers.

It is Boschmann NZ's purpose to deliver value through people, product and partnerships.We are dedicated to helping our resellers, building strong relationships which help them get to know us, our brand and the experience consumers get when they chose Boschmann Audio.

Boschmann NZ's vision is to be a Distribution Partner of Choice for resellers in car audio retail accessories market in New Zealand.

We partner with our customers to provide consistent quality, service and product to market through our team of first class sales professionals.

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