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  • Boschmann 1" 150 Watt Dome Tweeters Pair with Built-in Crossovers
    MM-8X - Tweeters can be flush mounted in your existing car audio system

    Boschmann 1-inch 150W Tweeters pair will help give your car audio set up the sound quality it deserves. Tweeters play your high frequency sounds allowing your woofers to play the lower end frequencies. This allows your speakers to be playing what they are best at, giving your car audio system outstandingly clear sound.

    Boschmann has become a well known brand in New Zealand. Their car audio tweeter pairs produce outstandingly clear high frequency audio. They are quality speakers that perform extremely well with grunty magnets. Customers are coming back to us again and again telling us the Boschmann car speaker range produce some serious sound. These car stereo tweeters come ready to be installed with wires & screws.

    What are you waiting for? It's time to give your car the treble you have always wanted it to have!


    • 1" Dome Tweeter
    • Boschmann Titanium Tweeter
    • With High Pass Filters
    • Flush Mount
    • 45mm hole size
    • 24mm Depth

    SPECIFICATIONS (each tweeter)
    :: 1 inch Tweeter with built-in crossovers
    :: Peak Power Output: 150 Watts
    :: True RMS Rating: 60 Watts continuous
    :: Frequency Response: 3,000Hz ~ 23,000Hz
    :: Sensitivity: 94 dB/w*m (SPL)
    :: Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
    :: Packaged for retail display

    Product is ready to be installed with wires.

    MODEL: MM-8X

    :: 3 Year Boschmann NZ car stereo manufacturer's warranty.
    :: 5 Year warranty if installed by a Boschmann NZ Limited accredited car audio installation company*

    RRP NZ$29.99

    Dealer Price (excl)


  • Boschmann 8GA Professional Amp Wiring Kit
    AWT-8K - Complete car amp wiring system for your amplifier

    If you’re wondering why after buying good car audio equipment and installing them you aren’t satisfied with the sound it makes. You deserve quality wiring for your top of the line car stereo gadgets.

    Get the Boschmann AWT-8K for your complete car stereo wiring kit. Connecting your car audio system with the Boschmann NZ 8GA Professional Amp Wiring Kit gives uninterrupted high quality signal and power supply to your amplifier. Supplying your car audio components with the power they deserve results in high fidelity quality music.

    When you assemble and install your car audio system with a reliable brand like Boschmann, then you need not look elsewhere or go short on the slightest critical accessories that may affect the performance of the overall sound system. Boschmann has available accessories for your specific car audio needs, such as a 8GA Professional Amp Wiring Kit.

    Buy a Boschmann Professional Amp Wiring Kit today!

    * High performance dual twisted configuration RCA interconnect cables
    * L-shaped platinum tipped balanced input adapters for cleaner digital signal transfer
    * 100% Oxygen-free copper dielectric core
    * Triple layered shielding with EMI & RFI cancellation
    * 24K Gold plating fuse holder and accessories
    * Individually marked pre-assembled components & accessories
    * Plexi glass housed pure brass fuse holder
    * 60A AGU Fuse
    * High density temperature resistant translucent sleeves
    * Matching split loom tubing
    * Wire organizer tie-ins
    * Firewall grommet
    * Complete spade crimps / ring terminals / screws
    * DC short butt protectors

    :: 6.1m 8AWG Mains Cable
    :: 1.2m 8AWG Ground Cable
    :: 6.1m 16AWG Dual Loudspeaker Cables
    :: 6.1m 16AWG Remote turn-on lead wire
    :: 5.1m High Performance Pure OFC RCA Interconnects


    :: 1x 8GA Amp Wiring Kit
    :: Supplied in appealing retail packaging.

    :: 3 Year Boschmann NZ car stereo manufacturer's warranty.
    :: 5 Year warranty if installed by a Boschmann NZ Limited accredited car audio installation company*

    RRP NZ$49.99

    Dealer Price (excl)


  • Boschmann 12" 1300 Watt DVC Double Magnet Subwoofer
    VTKS12 - Serious power dual voice coil car sub woofer

    The Boschmann 12" 1300W VTK-S12 sub woofer from Boschmann should be considered as one of the most impressive achievements in sub woofer technology. It not only performs exactly to specifications, but operates with incredible efficiency at optimum in a small sub box, and has astoundingly low distortion to resonance ratio with immense output ability.

    The VTKS12 sub performance only happenend when the sub woofer specialists at BM Audio Labs combine their passion for music with a serious attention to professional accuracy and persistence to fine detail.

    If you are into good, tight, clean bass you owe it to yourself to audition BM Audio Labs 12-inch VTK-S12 competition subwoofer now!

    Boschmann subwoofers have become well known in New Zealand. Their car audio range produce powerful yet clear audio. They are quality car subs that perform extremely well with huge grunty magnets. Customers are coming back to us again and again telling us the Boschmann car sub range produce some serious car sound.

    Performance is what matters.. by a Boschmann car audio sub woofer today for your nearest Boschmann dealer.


    • Double Magnet Dual Voice Coils Designed
    • Air Metal Cooling Magnet Cover
    • Four Layer 3" Kapton Voice Coil
    • Chrome Plated Push Terminals
    • 3" Oversized Rubber Surround
    • Vented & Extended Pole Piece DDT Motor Driver
    • Titanium Alloy Woofer Cone
    • Aluminium Chassis Frame

    :: 12-inch (320mm) Car Sub Woofer for Automobile HI-FI Systems
    :: 3" DVC / 3-inch Dual Voice Coil Sub Woofer
    :: Max Power: 1300 Watts
    :: Continuous RMS Rating: 442 Watts
    :: Recommended Amplifier Power: 5-442 Watts Per Channel RMS
    :: Frequency Response: 18Hz ~ 460Hz
    :: Sensitivity: 93 dB/w*m (SPL)
    :: Nominal Impedance: Dual 4 Ohms
    :: Maximum outside sub diameter: 12" / 320mm
    :: Mounting Points (8 Point) *C/C: 120mm x 215mm
    :: Mounting Depth: 157mm
    :: Magnet Diameter: 165mm
    :: Magnet Ounce: 120oz.
    :: Sub Weight: 6.50kgs

    MODEL: VTK-S12

    :: 3 Year Boschmann NZ car stereo manufacturer's warranty.
    :: 5 Year warranty if installed by a Boschmann NZ Limited accredited car audio installation company*

    Boschmann New Zealand Recommends
    If you want the best performance from your Boschmann car audio sub, then Boschmann NZ strongly recommends the use of a quality Boschmann car stereo sub wiring kit. You’ll be amazed at the difference this will make to your sub car sound quality. It is definitely well worth the minimal cost involved to wire in a quality Boschmann sub / amp wiring kit with your new BM Audio Labs Subwoofer.

    *C/C: Measured from the centre of the sub mounting holes.

    RRP NZ$149.90

    Dealer Price (excl)


  • Boschmann 5.25" 260 Watt 3-Way Car Audio Speakers Pair
    XJ1-G535T3 - XJ1 Series Car Stereo Loudspeakers

    Brand New Pair of Speakers (2x)

    Special Edition Black & Gold Digital Music Technology - At BM Audio Labs we spend thousands of hours on end designing, testing, listening and perfecting them to qualify the term performance. Each unit is masterly crafted to become exceptional loudspeaker drivers before being carefully packaged. And the XJ1 Series is BM Audio's newest addition to our extensive line-up of high caliber drivers.

    In the tradition of all BM Audio high performance loudspeakers, our XJ1 Series is designed and manufactured using not only proven, high-performance components but necessarily incorporating new high value materials which we are continuously discovering and testing.

    The XJ1 Black & Gold Special Edition is the new flagship model in the XJ1 Series range and is the result of intensive research and development, representing a creation of our continuous sophisticated research, using high level electroacoustic engineering and design. This line of transducers is designed and built to satisfy pure music lovers, car audio enthusiasts and outperforming competitors.

    The XJ1 Series offers you the combination of professional reference sound quality with a distinctive signature for your automotive lifestyling.

    Among the long list of unique high value features is using only pure silver dielectric conductors, which results in virtual zero-loss sonic transfer and significantly pronounced higher sensitivity. XJ1 Series drivers will give you improved musical realism by attribute of many of its unique properties and strengths.

    The specially formulated, extremely low mass cone allows the transducers to go further, reproducing even the tiniest detail of your musical notes from your source - digital or analogue. Its design also elevates its capability of recreating signal difficult to highlight, resulting in richer, more realistic acoustic reproduction in the uneven cabin space of your car. Added to this, the magnetic circuit in the XJ1 transducers includes powerful Grade-A neodymium magnets that guarantees the highest flux to pressure possible.

    With a long list of superior strengths, you can sit back and enjoy a superbly balanced natural tone from a high level of loudspeaker quality and sonic elegance. Designed versatile enough for installation with any system with the most restricted listening environment and steeled with BM Audio's prowess, these loudspeakers are empowerment of the latest technology, revolutionary materials and modern esoteric design.

    Ready to bring your driving experience immediately to a higher level? We invite you to audition these speakers for your car and be convinced. Be cautioned of lasting attachment to your audio system.

    Ever experienced cruising around with friends in your car and your listening to great sounds on your car stereo system?  What would your journey be like if you hadn’t invested in a quality car audio speaker system?

    Upgrade your front door speakers or larger dash mounted speakers with the new Boschmann XJ1 Series G535T3 260W 3-Way car audio speakers.  These 5.25" car speakers produce superb sound and impressive bass beat, considering they are only 5.25 inches!

    Giving your car audio system the Boschmann car speaker upgrade, especially with the 130mm 260-Watt 3-way Boschmann XJ1-G535T3 car speakers, will amaze you mightily for the clarity and power of the sound in your car.

    Boschmann car speakers are quality products reasonably priced and affordable.


    • Special Edition Black & Gold
    • 5.25-inch Coaxial 3-Way Loudspeakers
    • Built by Loudspeaker professionals
    • Long-throw acoustic design
    • Sensitivity-improved music reproduction
    • 3-Way Loudspeakers suitable for applications that require a 5.25" speaker

    SPECIFICATIONS (each speaker)
    :: Max Power: 260 Watts
    :: Continuous RMS Rating: 90 Watts
    :: Recommended Amplifier Power: 5-90 Watts Per Channel RMS
    :: Frequency Response: 55Hz - 22,500Hz
    :: Sensitivity: 91dB/w*m(SPL)
    :: Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
    :: Maximum outside speaker diameter: 5.25" / 130mm
    :: Mounting Points *C/C: 95mm x 135mm
    :: Mounting Depth: 50mm
    :: Magnet Diameter: 72mm
    :: Required clearance above mounting surface (tweeter protrudes): 1mm
    :: Speaker Weight (each): 492grams

    MODEL: XJ1-G535T3

    :: 2x 260W 5.25-inch Speakers
    :: Speaker Covers: Yes
    :: Installation accessories: speaker wire and screws
    :: Supplied in appealing retail packaging with polystyrene moulded protection.

    :: 3 Year Boschmann NZ car stereo manufacturer's warranty.
    :: 5 Year warranty if installed by a Boschmann NZ Limited accredited car audio installation company*

    Boschmann New Zealand Recommends
    If you want the best performance from your car audio/car stereo speakers, then Boschmann New Zealand strongly recommends the use of a quality speaker / sub cable. You’ll be amazed at the difference this will make to your sound quality. It is definitely well worth the minimal cost involved to replace the factory speaker cable.

    :: C/C: Measured from the centre of the mounting holes.

    RRP NZ$54.99

    Dealer Price (excl)

Boschmann Car Audio NZ
PO Box 76059, Northwood
Christchurch 8548
New Zealand
Office: 03 669 2672
Mobile: 021 467 229
Boschmann Car Audio NZ Testimonals

My new Boschmann tweeters have been easy to install and great in my Toyota Corolla sedan. Cheers!
John, Christchurch

About Boschmann NZ Ltd.

Boschmann NZ Ltd is the New Zealand distributor for BM Audio Labs, providing New Zealand resellers with genuine Boschmann car stereo products at great prices.
All Boschmann products are built extremely well, with a range which caters for all tastes and preferences. With extremely high powered speakers, such as the 1000W (yes, that's 1000W per speaker!) 6x9 inch Boschmann ALX-993 carrying huge magnets its easy to see that the Boschmann range has performance in mind! On the other end of the spectrum, we carry great low cost replacement speakers including the sought after 6x4" and 5x7" sizing's. Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, Boschmann has the speaker for you.

Established in 2010, Boschmann NZ is a market leading distributor of Boschmann Car Audio, Accessories and retail products in New Zealand. Our staff have been involved in selling Boschmann speakers since 2004 and have vast knowledge of the brand, its range and the exceptional quality it offers.

It is Boschmann NZ's purpose to deliver value through people, product and partnerships. We are dedicated to helping our resellers, building strong relationships which help them get to know us, our brand and the experience consumers get when they chose Boschmann Audio.

Boschmann NZ's vision is to be a Distribution Partner of Choice for resellers in car audio retail accessories market in New Zealand.

We partner with our customers to provide consistent quality, service and product to market through our team of first class sales professionals.

Warranty Policy
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