Boschmann 1" 200 Watt Chrome Car Audio Tweeters Pair

ALT7 - Elevate Your Sound: Boschmann 1inch 200 Watt Chrome Car Stereo Tweeters Pair for Premium Highs

The Boschmann ALT7 Car Audio tweeters are the perfect addition for New Zealand car enthusiasts with a boy racer flair. Engineered for adrenaline-fueled drives, these tweeters deliver piercing highs and crisp clarity, amplifying every beat of your favorite tracks. Designed to match the energy of NZ's racing scene, they ensure an immersive audio experience, whether you're tearing up the tarmac or cruising through the city streets. With their sleek design and powerful performance, the ALT7 tweeters elevate your car audio setup, allowing you to stand out and make a statement wherever your passion for speed takes you.

Boschmann ALT7 200 Watt Chrome 1 inch tweeters are ideal for surface mounting on car pillars, dash or doors.

Boschmann tweeters are a very reliable low cost alternative to other highly priced similar spec in car tweeters.

An advantage being these have in line crossovers allowing you to hook up to any current car stereo system.

The ALT7 dome tweeters are designed by highly qualified mobile acoustic professionals, using the finest & most durable high - end components in the industry. The ALT7 will give you years of delightful musical enjoyment.


  • Chrome Finish: The Boschmann ALT7 car audio chrome tweeter boasts a stylish chrome finish, adding a touch of elegance to your car interior.

  • High-Frequency Precision: Engineered for precision, these tweeters deliver crisp and clear high-frequency sound reproduction, capturing every detail of your music.

  • Wide Dispersion: With a wide dispersion pattern, the ALT7 tweeters ensure even distribution of sound throughout the car cabin, enhancing the listening experience for all passengers.

  • Compact Design: Featuring a compact design, these tweeters can be easily integrated into various car audio setups, even in tight spaces.

  • Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free installation, the ALT7 tweeters come with mounting hardware and instructions, making them suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professional installers alike.


  • In line crossovers
  • High grade chromed steel chassis
  • Long-throw acoustic design
  • Sensitivity-improved music reproduction
  • High precision sensitivity polyetherimide material diaphragm
  • Clear sound reproduction
  • Balanced frequency response
  • Dome-shaped design for wide dispersion
  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Durable construction for longevity
  • Suitable for various car audio setups

:: 1" Neodymium Titanium Dome Tweeter
:: In-line crossovers
:: Peak Power Output: 200 Watts
:: True RMS Rating: 68 Watts
:: Frequency Response: 3,0000Hz ~ 30,000Hz
:: Sensitivity: 93 dB/w*m (SPL)
:: Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
:: Recommended amplification.: 5-60 RMS

:: Tweeter length (incl cover): 52mm
:: Tweeter Width (Diameter): 45mm
:: Height (with base flat): 65mm

:: 2x High Pass filters
:: 2x Installation Bases
:: 2x 3M Adhesive sheets
:: 6x Mounting screws
:: 6x Screw Washers
:: Operating Manual

Product is ready to be installed with wires & screws.


:: 3 Year Boschmann NZ car stereo manufacturer's warranty.
:: 5 Year warranty if installed by a Boschmann NZ Limited accredited car audio installation company*

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