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Boschmann Car Audio NZ
PO Box 76059, Northwood
Christchurch 8548
New Zealand

Mobile: 021 467 229

Boschmann Car Audio NZ - Testimonials

"My new Boschmann tweeters have been easy to install and great in my Toyota Corolla sedan. Cheers!"

John, Christchurch

Boschmann Audio Labs History

BM Audio Laboratories was established in 1973. The labs host a huge array of research, ranging from diffraction and radiation of sound by loudspeakers, digital signal processing for car audio and linear dynamics to electro-acoustic measurement techniques. The bulk of today's car audio brands spend extensively on advertising; churning out seemingly endless series of visually fancy products while actually investing very little into research and development. At BM Audio Labs, they have opted instead to devote such expenditures into R&D for the advancement of their range in order to develop the best performing speakers with exceptional build quality. For over three decades, this conservative marketing philosophy has only reinforced the fact that they are serious innovators and transformed their life time mission to be based around their commitment to put the performance of its products first.

With research concerning all aspects of the car audio field, ranging from their self-funded fundamental theoretical studies centre (FTSC), through the development of testing, numerical and analytical methods, to the application of these methods to a wide range of loudspeaker and amplifier designs. BM audio Labs employ state of the art techniques in research such as maximum-length sequence, swept-tone and pulse systems for the characterizations of transducers within the mobile acoustic environment, while confirming through continuous experiments backed by multiple computer simulations that allow better control of nonlinearities in typical car loudspeakers.

The strength of BM Audio Labs derives from a massive technology base and array of scientific methods which include the use of analogue as well as digital dithering techniques in digital audio and digital signal processing in general today. Part of their work also include describing by developing models to trace mechanical problems within the vibrational behaviour of the mobile environment to understanding the structure in terms of energy and the flow of energy through the entire structure from source to radiator. They include statistical energy analysis and wave-based methods, together with the development of hybrid approaches for mid-frequency and other applications.

They are also exceptionally concerned about designing and developing a truly great loudspeaker range while maintaining a minimal cost to users. A good loudspeaker design is so specialized and requires such extensive acoustical research, measurement, and listening tests that it should be unfortunate that only the most expensive are almost always deemed best. Only a small group can achieve this outstanding quality while keeping cost down. BM Audio Labs is proud to be part of that minority and with that privilege and specialization they aspire to create a car audio solution that stands out in quality and experience for everyone to listen to.

Their greatest mission is to design and manufacture high quality loudspeakers and amplifiers that reproduce the source material as accurately as possible, whether music or a soundtrack. This demands the use of low distortion, custom designed components combined with advanced crossover technologies that provide a linear frequency response on- and off-axis. They improve the acoustic performance through properties with respect to interior commodities and optimize their interfaces to noise vibration sources, thus always ensuring a clean, noise-free acoustic reproduction. This is in line with their concern to bring a high-value acoustic experience with affordable quality for the discerning listener.

Today, BM Audio Labs is extensively equipped with a large manufacturing base with resources qualified to develop and build cutting edge car audio products of any type or scale:

  • Skilled acoustic project management
  • Mold design expertise
  • Computer Aided Design and Engineering
  • Highly refined materials selection
  • A fully-equipped extrusion compounding facility
  • A modern injection molding laboratory
  • Materials and product testing and audio analysis facilities

Every scientist, engineer as well as production worker at BM Audio Labs shares one goal - an undivided passion toward creating car audio players, amplifiers and loudspeakers that provide a truly life-changing mobile acoustic experience to you - the end-user. Relentless attention to detail, commitment to research, and their innovative drive, bear testimony to their philosophy and have never failed to reaffirm independent listeners time and again that in terms of quality and value, our products are second to none.

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