Boschmann 8GA Professional Amp Wiring Kit

AWT-8K - Complete car amp wiring system for your amplifier

If you’re wondering why after buying good car audio equipment and installing them you aren’t satisfied with the sound it makes. You deserve quality wiring for your top of the line car stereo gadgets.

Get the Boschmann AWT-8K for your complete car stereo wiring kit. Connecting your car audio system with the Boschmann NZ 8GA Professional Amp Wiring Kit gives uninterrupted high quality signal and power supply to your amplifier. Supplying your car audio components with the power they deserve results in high fidelity quality music.

When you assemble and install your car audio system with a reliable brand like Boschmann, then you need not look elsewhere or go short on the slightest critical accessories that may affect the performance of the overall sound system. Boschmann has available accessories for your specific car audio needs, such as a 8GA Professional Amp Wiring Kit.

Buy a Boschmann Professional Amp Wiring Kit today!

* High performance dual twisted configuration RCA interconnect cables
* L-shaped platinum tipped balanced input adapters for cleaner digital signal transfer
* 100% Oxygen-free copper dielectric core
* Triple layered shielding with EMI & RFI cancellation
* 24K Gold plating fuse holder and accessories
* Individually marked pre-assembled components & accessories
* Plexi glass housed pure brass fuse holder
* 60A AGU Fuse
* High density temperature resistant translucent sleeves
* Matching split loom tubing
* Wire organizer tie-ins
* Firewall grommet
* Complete spade crimps / ring terminals / screws
* DC short butt protectors

:: 6.1m 8AWG Mains Cable
:: 1.2m 8AWG Ground Cable
:: 6.1m 16AWG Dual Loudspeaker Cables
:: 6.1m 16AWG Remote turn-on lead wire
:: 5.1m High Performance Pure OFC RCA Interconnects


:: 1x 8GA Amp Wiring Kit
:: Supplied in appealing retail packaging.

:: 3 Year Boschmann NZ car stereo manufacturer's warranty.
:: 5 Year warranty if installed by a Boschmann NZ Limited accredited car audio installation company*