Boschmann 8" 600 Watt Powered Subwoofer - Ruggered ABS Enclosure

EXP-804P - Affordable Sub which produces HUGE bass!

Boschmann's new generation of powered subs have arrived! The Boschmann EXP-804P 600 Watt 8-inch sub comes pre-mounted in one of the best quality sub boxes we have seen. Having a built-in amplifier allows you to plug-in-play this car audio sound system into almost any existing car stereo systems.

With the whole enclosure measuring 41 x 42 x 25cm (W x L x H) this is a great sub for those of you who want that extra bass of a sub woofer, but dont want to go to the extremes
of getting a massive sub and losing all your boot space.

Boschmann subs have become well known in New Zealand. Their car audio range produce powerful yet clear audio. They are quality car subs that perform extremely well with huge grunty magnets. Customers are coming back to us again and again telling us the Boschmann car subwoofer range produce some serious sound.

So what are you waiting for? Its time to give your car the bass you have always wanted it to have!


  • 8-inch (200mm) Polycarbonate High Fidelity Driver
  • Carbon Impregnated Polypropylene Driver for Clean Bass Response 
  • MOSFET-Pulse Width Modulated Built-in High Power Amplifier
  • Heavy-Duty Rugged Design ABS Enclosure packs lots of Bass
  • Bass Reflex Tuning
  • RCA Input L/R

:: Max Power: 600W
:: RMS: 150W
:: Frequency Response: 30Hz ~ 250Hz
:: Low Pass Filter (Variable): 30Hz ~ 250Hz
:: Impedance: 4 Ohms Stable
:: Tuned Response: 40Hz
:: Cutoff Frequency: F3: 32Hz
:: Sensitivity: 88 dB/w*m (SPL)
:: Woofer Size: 8" down firing
:: Fuse: 10 Amp
:: Dimensions (WxLxH): 235mm x 515mm x 185mm
:: Supplied ready to install with RCA Lead, Remote Cable, Negative Cable, Power Cable and mounting screws.


:: 3 Year Boschmann NZ car stereo manufacturer's warranty.
:: 5 Year warranty if installed by a Boschmann NZ Limited accredited car audio installation company*

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If you want the best performance from your Boschmann car audio sub, then Boschmann NZ strongly recommends the use of a quality Boschmann car stereo sub wiring kit. You’ll be amazed at the difference this will make to your sub car sound quality. It is definitely well worth the minimal cost involved to wire in a quality Boschmann sub / amp wiring kit with your new BM Audio Labs Subwoofer.