Boschmann 6.5" Car Audio Component Speaker Kit - 300 Watt Woofers Pair & Tweeters Pair (external crossovers)

ALS-665XFC - Our premium sounding component kit: Boschmann 6.5 inch 300W Woofers, 1 inch tweeters and crossovers

Tailored for discerning NZ car enthusiasts, Boschmann ALS-665XFC 6.5" 300 Watt Car Audio Component Kit delivers superior sound quality. This comprehensive kit features woofers, tweeters, and external crossovers for a complete audio experience. With 300W peak power, immerse yourself in powerful and clear sound reproduction. Built to withstand rigorous driving conditions, the kit boasts sturdy construction for durability. Precision engineering ensures detailed music reproduction, enriching your listening journey. Easy installation and versatile compatibility make it perfect for various car audio setups. Elevate your driving experience with Boschmann ALS-665XFC, setting new standards in New Zealand's car audio scene.

Possess all the excellence of audio car speaker technology through the Boschmann 300W Component Speakers System Kit. It comes with 6.5” 300-Watt woofer & 1” titanium dome tweeter and all the subparts that comprise the Boschmann ALS-665XFC car audio component kit.

Internal components are tooled to give precise outstanding sound quality. Driving down the highway with your Boschmann component kit fully operational & blaring great music, you are on a majestic trip.  

What are you waiting for? Contact our car audio speaker team today and don’t hesitate to ask for the Boschmann ALS665XFC Car Audio 6.5-inch Component Kit.


  • Complete Audio Package: Includes woofers, tweeters, and crossovers for comprehensive sound enhancement.
  • Powerful Performance: 200W peak power delivers immersive and clear audio reproduction.
  • Durable Construction: Sturdy build ensures longevity, perfect for demanding driving conditions.
  • Precision Engineering: Captures intricate music details for a rich and dynamic listening experience.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free integration into various car audio setups, ensuring a seamless upgrade process.


  • Full kit: woofers, tweeters, crossovers for comprehensive sound enhancement.
  • 200W peak power for immersive and clear audio reproduction.
  • Sturdy build ensures longevity for demanding driving conditions.
  • Precision engineering captures intricate music details for dynamic listening.
  • Easy installation integrates seamlessly into various car audio setups.
  • Neodymium Magnet Twin Dome Tweeters
  • High Power Cone Flexed Design
  • High-end Sound Reproduction Engineering
  • Digital Audio Ready (loss-free transfer)
  • Flux-density Strontium-Ferrite Magnets
  • ABS Enhanced Gaskets
  • 165mm (6.5") Midrange bass woofers
  • 28mm (1.2") Polyether Imide tweeters
  • Driver type: Component system full range

Woofers: (each)
:: 6.5" / 165mm Loudspeakers 
:: Peak Power Output: 300W
:: Frequency Response: 55Hz ~ 22,500Hz
:: Sensitivity: 89 dB/w*m (SPL)
:: Continuous Power: 100W
:: Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
:: Recommended amplification: 100 RMS
:: Mounting Holes C/C: 110mm
:: Mounting Depth: 65mm
:: Magnet Diameter: 82mm
*These do fit our 6.5" MDF Spacers listed.
Tweeters: (each)
:: Surface Mount
:: 55mm width
Crossover Dimensions:
:: 100x54x30mm (WxDxH)

:: 2x 6.5"/165mm 300W Woofer Speakers & Speaker Covers
:: 2x 1" Tweeters
:: 2x Crossovers: 12dB/oct 2nd order Butterworth
:: Wires, Screws, accessories complete kit.
:: Supplied in appealing retail packaging with polystyrene moulded protection.


:: 3 Year Boschmann NZ car stereo manufacturer's warranty.
:: 5 Year warranty if installed by a BM NZ Ltd accredited car audio installation company*

*C/C: Measured from the centre of the mounting holes