Boschmann 6.5" Car Audio Component Speaker Kit - 200 Watt Woofers Pair & Tweeters Pair (external crossovers)

ALS-665XFC - Car stereo 165mm component kit

Possess all the excellence of audio car speaker technology through the Boschmann 250W Component Speakers System Kit. It comes with 6.5” 300-Watt woofer & 1” titanium dome tweeter and all the subparts that comprise the Boschmann ALS-665XFC car audio component kit.

Internal components are tooled to give precise outstanding sound quality. Driving down the highway with your Boschmann component kit fully operational & blaring great music, you are on a majestic trip.  

What are you waiting for? Contact our car audio speaker team today and don’t hesitate to ask for the Boschmann ALS665XFC Car Audio 6.5-inch Component Kit.

* Neodymium Magnet Twin Dome Tweeters
* High Power Cone Flexed Design
* High-end Sound Reproduction Engineering
* Digital Audio Ready (loss-free transfer)
* Flux-density Strontium-Ferrite Magnets
* ABS Enhanced Gaskets
* 165mm (6.5") Midrange bass woofers
* 28mm (1.2") Polyether Imide tweeters
* Driver type: Component system full range

:: 6.5"/165mm Loudspeakers 
:: Peak Power Output: 300W
:: Frequency Response: 55Hz ~ 22,500Hz
:: Sensitivity: 89 dB/w*m (SPL)
:: Continuous Power: 100W
:: Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
:: Recommended amplification: 100 RMS
:: Mounting Holes C/C: 110mm
:: Mounting Depth: 65mm
:: MAgnet Diameter: 82mm
*These do fit our 6.5" MDF Spacers listed.
:: Surface Mount
:: 55mm width
Crossover Dimensions:
:: 100x54x30mm (WxDxH)

:: 2x 6.5"/165mm 300W Woofer Speakers & Speaker Covers
:: 2x 1" Tweeters
:: 2x Crossovers: 12dB/oct 2nd order Butterworth
:: Wires, Screws, accessories complete kit.
:: Supplied in appealing retail packaging with polystyrene moulded protection.


:: 3 Year Boschmann NZ car stereo manufacturer's warranty.
:: 5 Year warranty if installed by a BM NZ Ltd accredited car audio installation company*